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Hi all!

Go easy - fresh blood here and still finding my way around!

I'm Sarah and I shall be playing your resident Haruka Nanse of Free! fame.

Haru is a Olympic class swimmer, and travels a lot for races and training. He's pretty aloof but can be caring and a bit sarcastic. He'd love to get to know you all! (Blatant lie but his mun will make him get to know you all.)

Looking forward to RPing with you. ^^
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Hi! I'm Shin, and I have my blond otome birb with me, Tsukishima from Haikyuu!! Looking forward to playing with you! Would you like prior CR or should we start from scratch (since cross-canon and all)?
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OH YES! Me too! *forgot about asking because of fail so piggy-backing this thread SO SORRY*

I have MANY characters! Prior CR could be funfun! Umm... Since sport, I would humbly offer you Kageyama. I think they would be awesome/awkward friends! They can practice smiling together!
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Well, Haru-chan CAN smile like an adorable, normal human being, unlike Tobio-chan who'll give kids nightmares! XD
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So can Kageyama when he's not thinking about it!

;__; He just sucks when he's deliberately trying...
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But look XD;;;


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He's a pro-volleyball player yes. ^^ So they could well have done! Yes!
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That sounds ideal to me! Love it!
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Sorry for the delay! Work and RL were being dumb. :'D

Tsukki is a lawyer. He's currently in the Intellectual Property and Patents team of his firm (application and lawsuit), but he sometimes helps with criminal cases. He's only been back in Japan for a year or so--after Tokyo U, he went to Harvard for two years. I'm not so sure how he'd have met Haru-chan, though? D:
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Oh, nice! That's a-okay! Of course they won the case, unless you want another outcome because plot? Also, Tsukki has no problems with Haru-chan not remembering his name. He doesn't feel so inclined to remind Haru-chan, but he has no choice--he has to listen to me or else I'll cry.
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Tsukki will remind Haru-chan-san if and when he finds the need to! As long as they can converse okay, he doesn't have to remember Tsukki's name and all that boring stuff. XD