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Hi all!

Go easy - fresh blood here and still finding my way around!

I'm Sarah and I shall be playing your resident Haruka Nanse of Free! fame.

Haru is a Olympic class swimmer, and travels a lot for races and training. He's pretty aloof but can be caring and a bit sarcastic. He'd love to get to know you all! (Blatant lie but his mun will make him get to know you all.)

Looking forward to RPing with you. ^^
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Feels kinda odd greeting you with this guy, but at least his icon is smiling (kinda)!

Hi and welcome to the game! I'm sure he'll be a wonderful addition to the rest of the aloof and sarcastic muses we have knocking around here!
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Hello, Hello!
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Hi Sarah, I'm Sawa!

Welcome to the game! I enjoyed Free! a lot and I'm looking forward to getting to know your Haru ♥
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Hi~! I'm Fei, I have three Tenipuri boys, and all their names start with "S" >.> I didn't even plan it that way. Looking forward to playing with you!
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Hi! I'm Shin, and I have my blond otome birb with me, Tsukishima from Haikyuu!! Looking forward to playing with you! Would you like prior CR or should we start from scratch (since cross-canon and all)?
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Hello! Welcome! :D I am Aerilaya, call me Eri :3 I play resident paediatrician Kuroo 8D I have aim and plurk so if you want you can add me there ^^! Looking forward to playing with the water addict <3