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I'm Ty and it's a pleasure to meet of all you! I'm bringing in Hayama Kotarou from Kuroko no Basuke.

He's a former skateboarding pro turned phys ed teacher. He's friendly. Really friendly. To the point of annoyance friendly.

So look forward to that. You can catch me at [plurk.com profile] KnightPunk , and I think I've sent friend requests to most of you! Looking forwarded to playing with you guys!

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[personal profile] swimordie2015-10-05 10:43 pm


Hi all!

Go easy - fresh blood here and still finding my way around!

I'm Sarah and I shall be playing your resident Haruka Nanse of Free! fame.

Haru is a Olympic class swimmer, and travels a lot for races and training. He's pretty aloof but can be caring and a bit sarcastic. He'd love to get to know you all! (Blatant lie but his mun will make him get to know you all.)

Looking forward to RPing with you. ^^
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CR Chart Get~

Ahoy mateys! If anyone wants to do this, here's a Character Relationship Chart I modified! (Sample here)

Things to change:
> Replace the Xs in img src="XXXXXXXXX" with the icon URL
> div style="width: 0% -> set percentage up to 100% for the bar to fill up
> if you want to change the colors, the ones I used are:
#1CA138 - CR Percent
#EA4335 - Affinity Percent
#2E2031 - Trust Percent
#FFDF00 - Loyalty Percent
#FF69FF - Respect / Affection Percent